Ultimate Garcinia Cambogia

Red Flags All Over the Place!

ultimate-garcinia-noIt’s exciting when new breakthroughs are made in the weight loss industry. True breakthroughs don’t happen often enough, but we recently learned about one that’s bound to get your attention. It got the attention of Dr. Oz, AlivebyNature.org and now us at least! We understand how frustrating it can be trying to decipher the good supplements that really work from overhyped diet scams and are happy to introduce something that new that simply works – Garcinia Cambogia.

We believe that this could be one of the biggest discoveries in a long time. This stuff is plain crazy. Super powerful fat burning from simply taking a pill. It doesn’t surprise us at all that it’s getting as much attention that it is. But why? What makes this blend of natural weight loss ingredients so powerful and unique?

Well first things first – it’s affordable. Tired of spending hundreds of dollars on diet pills and systems that shrink your wallet, but not your waist? Then you’ll be pleased to know you can get garcinia for around, or less than, a measly $30.

garcnia-triple-threat-fat-burning2So how does it actually work, though? It has three different angles to it. Three different ways it helps you naturally lose weight without any dieting or extreme exercise. It almost immediately starts burning fat once it’s in your system. As your body starts working together with it, it starts taking the sugars that you eat and converting them to energy instead of fat. So now you’re burning fat and preventing new fat from forming at the same time. The last thing it does is help control cravings and helps you feel full and satisfied faster and longer.

That’s a powerful combination for anyone who wants to lose weight! But be careful when buying garcinia cambogia supplements. Because it’s so powerful and has gotten so much attention, there’s no shortage of scammers just after your money. So you have to know what to look for and you have to know the warning signs of possible scams. Today, we’re warning you about Ultimate Garcinia Cambogia. But you can see other brand reviews here, too.

Free Bottle Shenanigans!

ultimate-red-flagsThe most common tactic we see and one of the biggest things that should send up a red flag is the free bottle offer. This is almost always a scam. And again, this is something that you’ll find being offered by Ultimate Garcinia. Most of the time, this is the way they get your credit card information so they can stick you into a hard-to-get-out-of subscription to a monthly delivery of their product.

Secondly, a lot of the time you’ll fill out the form and give them all your details. Then you find out, that oh darn… you have to actually make a purchase in order to be eligible for the free bottle they offered. On top of that, if you decide not to go through with it, don’t expect that to be the end. Now they have all your info and they know you were considering purchasing. Do you think they’re just going to let that be? No, you’ll constantly be sent “special offers” and other solicitations to try to get your money.

Warning About Low Quality Ingredients

The next thing that should send up a red flag is that they tell you next to nothing in regards to their specific product. This normally means there’s something that they’re hiding. You can’t find information on the page about the actual ingredients in it. NOTHING!
The most important thing to look for when buying garcinia supplements is the amount of HCA it contains. To be effective, it needs to have a minimum of 50%. But look… they don’t even tell you how much HCA it has. That probably means it doesn’t have enough to be worth buying.

ultimate-garcinia-priceHIDING the Real Price

Again, not giving potential buyers all the information about a product from the get-go… They don’t want to tell you how much it costs until after you’ve given them all your information and you’re on the actual order page. If it was reasonably priced, there should be no reason not to tell you right up front about how much it’s going to cost you.

Suspiciously Missing Returns Policy

Most brands will clearly tell you if they have a refund policy and how it works. But not the case with Ultimate. There’s nothing. Again. We even spent some time in the fine print, which by the way is where we normally find the nitty gritty on these suspicious sellers. But nope. Didn’t find the details there either with Ultimate. We have no idea how their return policy works. Huge red flag there, too. Why not just be up front about everything? Why hide it under lock and key until they get all your personal information?


We gotta say it. Wow. There’s absolutely nothing good we could find to say about Ultimate after looking through their site. It has “SCAM” written all over it. As usual, the biggest one is the free bottle offer. But in this case, there are red flags all over the place. You don’t know what you’re buying. You don’t know what it’s going to cost. You don’t know if it’s going to work because you don’t know how much HCA it has. You don’t know if you can return it and what the return policy entails if you can. Conclusion? Run the other way and never consider buying from these guys.

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It’s a shame, but the diet industry is notoriously known for having less-than-honest people in it. It’s super easy these days to get scammed, especially when you’re buying supplements online. We hope that these reviews, warnings and tips will help steer you away from suspicious sellers. It’s extremely important to take your time when deciding who to buy from and remember that you should never buy anything if you can’t read the label first.


garciniabanner270613As far as Garcinia Cambogia goes, one of the very first things you should look for is the amount of HCA it contains. You should look for something with at least 50%. Right now, there’s only one brand we can whole heartedly recommend and that’s New Life Botanical sold exclusively by Alivebynature.org. Well, if you prefer, they’ve actually started offering it on Amazon, as well.

This is the best we’ve found for several reasons: 

  • It’s all natural (always a good thing)
  • It clearly provides 60% HCA
  • Continues to receive amazing feedback
  • Has 600mg per capsule
  • You don’t get ripped off with it being full of fillers
  • You get the most amazing money back guarantee we’ve seen (no questions asked, no return authorizations, nothing!)