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Weight Loss: Yacon Extract Proven to Work

Yacon Products Offer Weight Loss Success

Yacon is one of the most promising weight loss supplements to emerge on the market. Various studies have found that it both promoted weight loss, and even the television medical expert Dr. Oz has featured it on his show with a panel of experts. Ever since the Dr. Oz episode, it has rivaled garcinia cambogia as one of the best weight loss supplements because it is healthy, filling, and all natural.

This vegetable can be found in a variety of different forms. One of the most common is a syrup, which the dieter takes a swallow of with each meal three times a day. It can also be taken as a powder. Both come from the yacon plant of Andean South America, which has been a popular part of the diet there since Incan times. It is a potato-like vegetable high in fiber, so it is very filling, and also low in calories, making it an easy addition to any diet. Plus, since yacon supplements has a low glycemic index, so it breaks down slowly and has less affect upon the blood sugar.

Many products reach the market as an all-natural weight loss secret, but this yacon syrup actually does have some solid research backing its claims. For one, there was a 120-day, double-blind placebo study which found significant weight loss among obese patients taking the supplement. Dr. Oz also tested out this vegetable and syrup with a group of sixty women and the results of his study show tremendous promise as well. Forty women completed the project and lost an average of 2.9 pounds. Fourteen lost more than five pounds. These results are a sign of how well the syrup can assist in sustainable, healthy weight loss.

Yacon syrup and power work with the probiotic bacteria which live in the gut. It contains Fructooligosaccharide, or FOS, which tastes sweet but is processed in the body more slowly than sugar and causes that regulation of blood sugar. The high concentration of fiber leaves people feeling fuller longer and according to Dr. Oz, it also reduces the hunger hormones and suppresses the appetite so people can eat less without feeling as hungry afterwards.

This wonderful weight loss product works just as well as garcinia cambogia at promoting weight loss, and it does so in a natural manner with few side effects. Its tremendous promise is matched by results, and supported by medical experts.