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Weight Loss with the Green Coffee Bean Extract

lost-weightA few people that come to mind may have something in common with the people he or she knows. For example, there are more people that qualify in the weight loss category than ever before. From what he or she knows, the weight that people have been carrying around for years did not came to exist until the 1990.

The Green coffee bean extract has been well known to help people lose more weight than without it because the caffeine helped speed up the weight loss process. This Green coffee bean extract worked so well that people are amazed with what he or she get. When using a product that has the fat burning ingredient in conjunction to what he or she eat or drink, that will quickly help get rid of the fat. However, it is still necessary to eat nutritious food and exercise on a daily basis to make it even more effective.

Doctor Oz recommended this diet due to the side effects that it bring to he and she who wanted to lose weight but drink coffee at the same time. For example, most people like coffee which makes perfect sense. Second reason is with caffeine that’s included, it will give energy to the ones who do drink it.

Due to the popularity of this diet, he or she will feel and see the effect of using it. One other side effects of using this product is that it is addicting which this coffee is not like all the other kinds that are out there sold in stores. It is so different which is why the green coffee bean extract product is popular all over the world. Since there are more people that are coffee drinkers than anything, what he or she gets out of it is not only worth it but can drink it anytime he or she wants.

There is a good reason why Doctor Oz recommended it which is to help people lose weight and drink something that most people like drinking. It can be used as a morning coffee which is what he or she does as well as a lunch beverage as well. No matter what time and day it is, this product can be used as a beverage 24 7.

Raspberry Ultra Drops Another Weight Loss Scam

raspberry ultra scamPeople looking to lose weight will do almost anything to achieve fast weight loss. However, all too often these diets and pills turn out to be another scam. Raspberry Ultra Drops have a lot of claims behind them regarding the ability to shed those extra pounds, but not very surprisingly, much of it is nothing more than fraud.

The drops claim to contain Raspberry Ketone which are supposed make losing weight much easier and quicker than an average diet of smaller portions and more daily exercise and activity. Other claims made by the manufacturers includes the ability to increase muscle mass and to reduce appetite besides the fat burning. A few even claim that it can help prevent or slow down the aging process from its anti-oxidants.


runHowever, some have suggest that the research into raspberry drops may be somewhat skewed and made to favor the product rather than telling the truth to the consumer. It is one of the most successful products in the weight loss industry which is a multi-billion market filled with books, programs, diets, medications, and supplements all meant to help people shed the pounds. With such a huge potential for making profits, Raspberry Ultra Drops has come under fire for being a complete fraud.

Many accuse their claims of being able to shed up to two pounds in a single day as being false and outlandish. A good number of doctors believe that losing that much weight in a day may have more to do with losing water weight rather than actual fat tissue. The primary research into Raspberry Ketone as a successful weight loss product is based on two studies, both of which were conducted on rodents, and not on humans. No large scale studies have yet been conducted in a human population regarding the effectiveness of Ketone in humans.


A quick Google search will reveal very disturbing cases of fraud that have been reported against this company. Some are smaller claims of loss or fraud, but some of them are astonishing. We’re talking about single people who have suffered hundreds or thousands of dollars in damages thanks to the people at Raspberry Ultra Drops.


raspberry-ultra-drop-scam1 raspberry-ultra-drop-scam2


If you plan on buying raspberry ultra drops, you better have some deep pockets. They charge an outrageous $70 and you don’t even get to see the ingredients! You have no clue what you’re really buying (assuming you even get the product that you order, as there are tons of cases against them for not sending orders).

I can’t believe they charge so much for this when you can buy raspberry drops elsewhere cheaper – KNOW what you’re buying. They clearly don’t really care about the customer. They’re just trying to make some easy money. This really bothers me, as there are a lot of people desperate enough to fall for it and buy.

Two other problems exist with Raspberry Ultra drops as a potential scam. One is that there is no guidance regarding how a person should implement the drops into a proper diet. Many believe they can simply continue eating without diet change and the raspberry drops will help them drop their extra belly fat. Secondly, many websites “sell” the product but steal credit card info and never ship the actual product to the buyer.


It is important to do research before making a purchase. No one should be the victim of a fraudulent dieting scam, but it happens all too often. As for Raspberry Ultra Drops, I think it’s pretty clear that you should steer clear. Do NOT BUY from this company – or should I say order since it’s very likely you won’t even get the product.



You Can’t Trust Emails
Anything you get in your email should be researched. You can’t just take the sender for their word or you can easily find yourself in a scammer’s hands.

Paid Ads are Often Misleading

When you search for something on Google, there are ads that show up at the very top and on the right hand side of the page. Beware of these. Many fly by ¬†night companies and scammers will use these to get your attention since Google won’t rank their site.

Research the Company!


Don’t assume that because a “company” has a website that they’re legit. There are plenty of scam sites out there and people are scammed every single day. Just look at the complaints that have been registered above. In all our research, the best supplier of raspberry drops is AlivebyNature¬†(and you can usually get a discount on their site)- for several reasons:

  • They’ve been proven time and time again to actually work
  • You get an all natural product with no fillers or extra ingredients
  • You get quicker results since they’re absorbed easily and quickly
  • They offer the best money back guarantee we’ve found – no hoops to jump through

You can also find their raspberry ketone drops sold on Amazon (NewLifeBotanical)


Raspberry Not Really Ultra Drops

Raspberry ultra drops are part of a weight loss plan. It is advertised on the Internet the same way that any fraud scheme and scam is marketed. It tries to appear to be the perfect weight loss plan that will cause everyone to loss one to two pounds per day. They will buy the product and incorporate it into their daily and will never worry about losing weight again. Unfortunately, this is not correct.

These Raspberry ultra drops have something called raspberry ketone in them. Supposedly, they have fat burning properties and lots of anti-oxidants in them. What is not mentioned is that teas have lots of anti-oxidants have in them. Many fat burners do not work on certain people. Everyone will not have success with raspberry ketone.

Scam and fraud on the Internet is often done by marketing products that are not effective. Unfortunately, many people who purchased this ketone diet have seen limited or no results. A few of the users of it have seen results but were not aware how quickly the results would go away. This is why the BBB and many websites have reports of unhappy customers who wanted to report that the product is not legitimate and makes false claims.

A ketone supplement may help people to lose weight. However, it will now keep weight off of them. A good exercise plan and a balanced diet will still be necessary. A fat burning diet from a capsule has very limited results. It will get rid of fat but people will become very hungry. They may see results but they are only temporary because the people are still hungry and their body will stop burning the fat as soon as they stop taking the capsules. If they do not exercise, their metabolism will slow down and small amounts of food will be stored in the body and cause them to gain the weight again almost immediately.

The biggest false claim about this Raspberry product is that it is 500 times stronger than the capsules of other companies. This information is biased and it is based off of unknown information. Everyone who uses these capsules does not report results. Some people use them to lose a pound or two while others want to lose a hundred pounds. People vary in age, sex, genetics and metabolism speed. This is why it would be impossible to know which capsule is the best.