• Green Coffee Extract

    Dr. Oz talks about green coffee bean extract a lot... and for good reason! In studies, participants were noted to have lost an astonishing 16% body fat. Find out how it might be the solution you've been looking for, too.

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  • Is Diet or Exercise More Important?

    Losing weight can be such a challenge for a lot of people. It seems like no matter what you do, you just can't get it right. So what's more important? What should you start with first? Explore this article to learn the importance of diet and exercise and what role they really play in your weight loss journey.

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  • BRAND NEW! Garcinia Cambogia

    Garcinia Cambogia extract is the newest of the natural weight loss programs that we can confidently recommend. Again, a Dr. Oz featured product. This one is a triple-fat-burning-threat! It blocks fat. It melts fat you already have. It curbs your appetite.

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  • BEWARE of Raspberry Ultra Drops

    As you'll find with any new weight loss supplement that gets a lot of media attention, there are quite a few raspberry ketone supplement providers just trying to get your money. Raspberry Ultra Drops is one of the many we've found that you should be wary of...


Nutrition Awareness Conference & Assoc of America


We put a lot of focus on weight loss. Why? If you're overweight then there are tons of other health conditions you're just waiting to develop. We could focus more on those conditions, but we feel like if we can help you lose weight or prevent too much weight gain then there wouldn't be as much need to talk about the dangerous health conditions that often arise from obesity. Obesity is an epidemic. If more people would focus on natural and safe ways to lose weight and stay  healthy then we might be able to get a grip and start reversing that trend. So what do we look for in a weight loss product? Several things, but the most important ones, not only in our opinion but according to our readers are:
  • Cost and value - no one wants to spend more than they have to and you certainly don't want to get scammed.
  • Effectiveness - we would never bring anything to your attention that hasn't been proven to work.
  • Quality - you want to make sure that you're always choosing the highest quality product as possible, both for the cost to quality and value ratio and for your safety.
Of course, we always encourage you to do your research before buying anything. But we also know that there are lots of people who simply don't have the time to dig underneath the hood and find out what's what with all the new supplements constantly hitting the market. So we hope  that our research will help you. We hope that it will save you time, money and help you reach your weight loss goals easier, quicker and safer. In the near future, we're planning on doing an in-depth review on garcinia cambogia, too. So in order of priority from the best on down, here we go...


SVETOL Green Coffee Extract From Alive By Nature (Click HERE!)


We've been a busy bee behind the scenes here... Have you noticed how many different green coffee extracts are out there now? If you tried to find it a year ago, you would have had only a few options. But now there are tons. Don't think they're all the same though, because they aren't. Alive's is by far the best one we've found so far. You get everything: an amazingly effective diet pill that (SVETOL like Dr. Oz recommends) at a great price. But that's not all. We're very impressed, because they take the time to fully inform you about green coffee (as well as many other weight loss products). They're also not some fly-by-night site. They're established and don't solely exist to try to sell you something. In fact, their money back guarantee can't be beat (we've yet to find one that is no questions asked, no return authorizations needed and for THREE MONTHS). So what do you get?

  • Minimum of 45% Chlorogenic Acid (very important)
  • At least 400mg PER capsule
  • Svetol (very important)
  • Completely natural with no extra filler ingredients
  • Unmatched money back guarantee




Alli is a fairly new over the counter weight loss pill that's considered by health experts as a fat blocker. Before Alli was released, about the only thing similar you could buy was Xenical that came in prescription form. While Alli does contain it, it doesn't have nearly as much as the prescription form. We do like it, but there are some side effects you have to watch for when using it, though. They can include gas and trouble controlling bowel movements. What we like is that they don't just offer a pill and say “good luck!”. Instead, they provide a complete plan that includes precise instructions for exercise, diet, etc. You also get a support line for help when you need it, charts and books to help you along the way. It is reported to block a quarter of the fat you eat. Instead of your body absorbing this fat, it's released through your stools, which is the root of side effects some people experience.