My Experience with New Life Botanical Garcinia Cambogia

newlifebotanical-garciniaWhen I first heard about this supposed new miracle weight loss wonder, I immediately ordered a bottle. I can say I didn’t get my hopes up much since nothing really worked in the past, but I’d be lying. I think anyone who orders diet pills then says they never had their hopes up knows that deep down they did – or they wouldn’t have bought it. Right?

After two weeks though, I hadn’t seen much change. After almost a month, I still had only lost about four pounds. Honestly? I could have probably done that on my own with a little exercise. So I called to find out how I could get my refund. This is when I found out that you could only return unopened packages. What? Yep. Boy I was furious.

Then I started to do a little research and low and behold, that’s when I found AlivebyNature (who sells New Life Botanical Garcinia). Come to find out that they had reviewed the particular brand I had bought (I won’t mention any names here) and had warned about buying from this company. Apparently, it didn’t even have enough of the magical ingredient (HCA) to be effective. Alive had so much helpful information on their site and was kind enough to promptly reply to my questions, so deciding to give it one more shot, I ordered from them.

This time things were different. The first thing I noticed when I started taking it is that my cravings seem to disappear. I knew that it was supposed to help with suppressing your hunger, but I wasn’t aware of how effective it would be to taking away cravings that I’ve seemingly been cursed with. This is probably one of the biggest reasons I’ve struggled for so long to lose weight. I can just about assume that this is the case with many others, too.

After a few weeks, I was feeling really good about myself. My tight jeans were getting much more comfortable and my comfortable jeans almost required a belt. So I figured it was time to hit the scale. Two pounds? How could my clothes be fitting so much different if I had only lost two pounds? Again, I contacted them.

Their answer made complete sense after explaining it. It’s simple, really. Even if the scale isn’t saying much, that’s OK. Garcinia burns FAT. So you could lose fat, but build and strengthen muscle without the scale ever moving much. BUT you look leaner and your body is reshaping itself due to the amount of fat that’s disappearing.

So I kept taking it until it was gone. That entire month, I lost nine pounds. It may not sound like much, but it is. I wasn’t doing much of anything differently, though I did try to walk down to the park for a break during lunch when I could… that’s about it. So I was impressed and ordered another two bottles. I’m now on month three and so far have lost a total of 16 pounds, have dropped 3 dress sizes and am about to reach my goal.

So overall I have to agree with what people are saying. This stuff works. But you have to be careful about which product you buy and who you buy it from.