A Handful of Foods to Help You Lose Weight

hot-sauce-weight-lossSweet news to any dieters’ ears… eating chocolate can be beneficial for you even if you’re trying to lose weight. This is all according to new research that’s recently been released from YouGov’s British study.

Many people think that if you want to lose weight, you’ve got to suddenly say goodbye to ever having desserts or sweets. However, these numbers just might shock you.

In this study, they report that over 90 percent of the participants who were successful at losing ten percent of their body fat were able to do so while still enjoying chocolate. So what’s the deal? They believe that it’s all a matter of not making yourself feel deprived. If you completely cut that favorite candy or chocolate that you love, you’re probably not going to end up sticking to you diet.

So yes, you can still have your cake. Your chocolate. Your cookie. Just don’t overdo it. While you’re at it, try to include these in your diet, too!


Research shows that eating apples help you stay slimmer. Peen State University confirmed this. They reported that if you eat an apple before eating dinner (especially a heavy pasta dinner or burger!), you’ll likely not eat as many calories. Apples fuel your body with fiber. Because fiber is so slowly digested, it keeps you fuller.

Spice it up with Hot Sauce

You read that right! Spice up your next omelette with a dosing of your favorite hot sauce. Hot sauce has what’s called capsaicin. It’s odorless. You can’t taste it. But for a short time after eating it your metabolism gets a boost. It’s also believed that it helps because you probably aren’t going to chow down quite as fast if it’s got hot sauce in it. Therefore, your body has more time to tell your brain you’re full and you stop eating.

Enjoy a Glass of Wine

That’s right… does it get any better? While you’re dieting you can have your wine and eat your chocolate too. Those who drink a small amount of wine were not as likely to gain weight as those who don’t drink at all. It’s not been proven as to why exactly this is, but hey, we’ll take it!