Weight Loss and Control

The Best Time of Day to Work Out

Increasingly, scientists are inviting athletes into the lab to investigate the ef­fects of body rhythms on athletic performance. Most exercise-related rhythms, including heart rate, manual dexterity and reaction time, peak in the afternoon and evening. The result is “a window of opportunity between noon and 9 p.m., when we’re likely to be at our physi­cal—if […]

Tackle Diet, Exercise Together for Best Results?

If you have to choose one at a time, hit the gym first, researchers add If you’re trying to get healthy, tackling both diet and exercise is better than trying to improve one lifestyle habit at a time, new research suggests. The researchers did add that if you need to start with just one lifestyle […]

Dr Oz Diet tips – Beware the Oz effect

Doctor Oz reaches tens of millions of people daily on his popular tv show. Not only is he a huge celebrity, he is very trusted on health and diet. His professional background as a top cardiovascular surgeon lends instant credibility, while his passion and curiosity for researching new products (and natural showmanship) make him very […]

Weight Loss: Yacon Extract Proven to Work

Yacon Products Offer Weight Loss Success Yacon is one of the most promising weight loss supplements to emerge on the market. Various studies have found that it both promoted weight loss, and even the television medical expert Dr. Oz has featured it on his show with a panel of experts. Ever since the Dr. Oz […]