Advanced Garcinia Cambogia

advanced-garcinia-warnings3 Scary Reasons to Stay Away!

Tired of buying into new weight loss products only to soon realize you’ve been duped again? We hear ya. It’s frustrating, right? For many people, losing weight or keeping it off seems to be a never ending struggle. Every week there seems to be, yet again, another new miraculous way to lose weight – hey even the stars are doing it! By now, you know that’s rarely true. But fortunately, you’ve come to the right place to learn the truth about what works and what doesn’t. You can also skip over to our main review page that clearly lays out the pros and cons of other brands.

Today, we’re going to introduce you to one of our favorites: Garcinia Cambogia. This stuff, by all the research we’ve done ourselves, is the real deal. However, it isn’t just as easy as that. Even with a good thing, there’s going to be some bad. That may sound contradicting, but it isn’t… just stay with us here.

Because garcinia cambogia extract is in such high demand, there are some suppliers and brands out there who are just after your money. They see the dollar signs whenever something makes it this big and they want a piece of the pie. Unfortunately, we found another one that we want to warn you about: Advanced Garcinia Cambogia. Now, let’s talk about why.

No Such Thing as Free Ride – Sorry

nowayOne of the most common ways that consumers get scammed these days is with the free trial or risk-free trial. And that couldn’t be truer than in the weight loss industry. When we were first alerted to Advanced, we investigated. And the very fist thing that they throw in your face is “Hey, try a free bottle – it’s on us!”

Don’t fall for it. 99 percent of the time these free bottles offered in the world of supplements are nothing but a bait and hook to get your payment info on file. Yes, you will probably receive a bottle soon after requesting it feeling all hunky dory because you can “cancel any time if you aren’t happy”.

But wait… cancel? Yes. You can bet your bottom dollar that they’ll require you to give them your credit card or bank information. That’s so they can keep sending you bottles and charging you. You might get lucky and easily cancel if you decide to. But from our experience, that’s easier said than done.

Shhh… They Want You to Think You’re Buying from THEM (But you aren’t)

So I was going to look even further into their free trial bottle. But guess what? I can’t. When you click it, you land on a blank page! How professional is that? But here’s the kicker… watch closely when you click on that button and you’ll see that you’re being taken to a completely different website (well – you’re supposed to be being taken there anyways).

So what’s that all about? It means they’re an affiliate. They’re affiliate marketers. They’re pushing and promoting a product that isn’t theirs in hopes that you’ll buy and they can make a commission.

garcinia-scam-nowayProbably the BIGGEST Red Flag: Not Showing the Label

This is at the very top of the list of our pet peeves. It’s unprofessional and most commonly, it means they know that a savvy shopper isn’t going to buy the product if they really seen what was in it (or what’s not in it). So they choose simply not to show the label. You can’t see the ingredients. You don’t even know how much HCA (hydroxycitric acid) is in it. HINT: It’s extremely important that any garcinia extract you buy has a bare minimum of 50% HCA… You don’t know the milligrams, so even if everything else was good to go, you’d have no way of knowing if it was good value or not.


Well there you have it. There are all of the main reasons we would never recommend buying Advanced Garcinia Cambogia. Actually, it’s hard to really find anything good to point out about this one! The site isn’t properly maintained, they’re another in the long line of sellers who try to pull consumers in with a free bottle offer and they don’t even think you deserve to know exactly what it is you’re ordering. There’s good news, though… keep reading below.

If you want to learn more about some of the other brands, go here.


Knowing what to look for is extremely important when you’re buying weight loss supplements. Well, it’s important anytime, but when you’re buying weight loss pills, we’re talking about your health here. So buying garcinia supplements shouldn’t be an impulse buy. Always make sure you know exactly what you’re buying. If someone isn’t willing to show you well before ever asking for personal information, turn on your heels and go the other way. One that you can trust and is from a seller we’ve come to highly respect is this garcinia extract. In fact, it’s even sold on Amazon. Both their site and Amazon often have special discount specials running, too.


garciniabanner270613There are many reasons why we recommend this particular product. Not only are they an established retailer, but they pride themselves on offering as much information as possible. Go ahead and have a look yourself and you’ll see they aren’t some fly by night operation. This product exceeds Dr. Oz’s recommendations:

This product meets all of the important criteria that Dr. Oz recommends:

  • It’s all natural (always a good thing)
  • It clearly provides 60% HCA
  • Continues to receive amazing feedback
  • Has 600mg per capsule
  • You don’t get ripped off with it being full of fillers
  • You get the most amazing money back guarantee we’ve seen (no questions asked, no return authorizations, nothing!)