Live Tru Garcinia Cambogia

Taking garcinia extract practically forces you to lose weight by taking control of how often your body is permitted to form fat cells. Fat cell production comes to a screeching halt while the HCA in this powerful supplement goes to work burning any current fat. We couldn’t be happier that this breakthrough was discovered. But because it was and because it’s so powerful, there people out there just trying to ride the money train.

Some sellers of garcinia cambogia extract are downright scammers. Some simply are affiliates that don’t understand they’re feeding innocent people to the prior. And some aren’t trying to scam anyone, but really couldn’t care less about the quality of their product as long as they’re making money. So another day, another one of our reviews. This time we’re talking about a brand of garcinia that we had never heard of before. It’s called Live Tru Nutrition and boy are there some glaring red flags on this one.

notsecureYour Information is NOT SECURE

Let’s start from the end, because, we don’t see this very often and it’s scary they’d be gathering ANY of your personal information this way. If you click through to the order page, you’ll notice that it’s not secure. I thought maybe it would be after you clicked through again, but nope. Sure, you’re taken to Paypal (the only option for payment) for the final payment processing and it’s secure. But your name, email, phone and personal address are all entered on their site, which is NOT secure.

norefundsNo Refund Details

This site seems barely put together with the bare essentials – and not even that. I think this is the first site we’ve reviewed that doesn’t have ANY terms & conditions, a privacy policy… nothing. And no, they don’t give you any details about their refund policy. That is, if they accept returns or offer refunds. We don’t know. They give NO indication about it.

There doesn’t appear to be any company or information about who sells this, so how can you trust buying it??


So now we know you’re shopping around to buy from a seller that has not even provided the basic legal pages any site should have, especially one where money exchanges hands. And now they want to charge you more than what any garcinia product should cost. It shouldn’t cost more than $30. They’re selling it for $39.00.

On top of that, you aren’t getting very much bang for the buck. At 800mg per capsule and basically $40 per bottle, you’re getting a mere 1200mg per dollar spent.

Want to compare just how much you’re getting per dollar with other brands? Then visit this link for our review chart.


You should take your time when buying health supplements. It should not be an impulse buy, as this is your health you could be putting at risk. Not to mention the risk of losing your money or getting suckered into a tricky subscription that takes months to get out of. wwrecommend garciniabanner270613 If you spend a little time on our site, you’ll see that we take the time to review any brand that readers ask us about. It may not be immediate, but we do get to it! So far, the best garcinia extract we can recommend is manufactured by NewLifeBotanicals and sold by Although we found out they have also started offering it on Amazon, too.

  • It’s all natural (always a good thing)
  • It clearly provides 60% HCA
  • Continues to receive amazing feedback
  • Has 600mg per capsule
  • You don’t get ripped off with it being full of fillers
  • You get the most amazing money back guarantee we’ve seen (no questions asked, no return authorizations, nothing!)

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